The CrackR Sensor
For safety, stability and security
The CrackR provides accurate and reliable data on the development of cracks in every conceivable object.
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About CrackR

Safety in crack monitoring

If a crack develops in an object, we want to know whether this object is still safe and accessible. The CrackR Sensor is the solution for this.

Monitoring for safety

The CrackR warns of impending calamities. If changes occur that exceed limit values, the system immediately warns you.

Monitor and analyze

The status of an object can be monitored continuously via an internet connection. Developments over longer periods are processed in clear graphs.

crackr specs

CrackR: The 3D IoT crack sensor

Using advanced techniques, the CrackR registers the smallest change of a crack in 3 directions at a fixed interval.

  • Highly accurateResolution < 0.1 mm
  • Dust and waterproofIP67 certified
  • Extreme temperatures-40 °C to 65 °C
  • Long lifespanUp to 10 years with 1 reading per day

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