The 3D IoT crack sensor

Highly accurate

Resolution < 0.1 mm

Dust and waterproof

IP67 certified

Extreme temperatures

-40 °C to 65 °C

Long lifespan

Up to 10 years with 1 reading per day

Long-term accurate crack measurement

The CrackR tracks the movement of a crack for years in 3D. The installation is very simple. You can track the data online and set alarm triggers to receive alerts.

The idea is simple

We have placed a number of magnetic sensor elements in a specific array above a magnet. Algorithms calculate three vectors that show the 3D motion of a crack. The CrackR wakes up at an adjustable measurement interval and transmits the collected sensor data. In this way, the battery can last up to ten years, depending on the interval. By using the sensors, the costs for monitoring are significantly reduced.

The CrackR is simple

The sensor consists of a measuring part and a magnet part and is very easy to mount with 6 screws or with glue/kit. No more hassle with peripherals such as cables, Wi-Fi connection gateways and solar. The CrackR measures in all three directions. Measuring with multiple sensors for different directions is therefore a thing of the past!


The CO2 and time savings are great

A CrackR is easy to install. Data is stored from the moment of installation. Users can receive automatic alerts by email. You only have to visit once for installation, and action is only required in the event of a warning. For asset managers, a huge saving in employee time and CO2 emissions.

The CrackR:

  • Is a unique sensor that helps to guarantee safety for people and objects
  • Hugely reduces operational costs and CO2 impact
  • Is accurate and reliable
  • Has a long lifespan
  • Is an affordable solution
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